Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 goals update #1

well, if you read my goals post back in january, you know about just a few things i'm working on.
i thought i'd give an update, just for accountability's sake, mind you.

i am laughing more. really.
we've watched this movie a couple of times in the past several weeks.

everyone loves it & has their favorite lines.

and, i'm singing & dancing around the house quite a bit. this is striking fear into the hearts of the younguns. the name "aunt jill" is brought up over & over when i do this... whyever would that be?

we're making fun of just about anything we can, even a few things i really shouldn't mention. suffice it to say "we're laughing with you, not at you" has been stated more than once.

this past weekend we broke out a new game.

this game is truly 'good for a few laughs'. you get to read cards with crazy questions like "would you rather eat a hair sandwich or an earwax omelet" and you have to choose, then the other players guess what you chose & so on & so forth....

one of the questions posed to my husband was "would you rather have to sleep in a bed with a full cup of cracker crumbs & a full cup of sand poured inside, or have to walk around all day, everyday, with grape jelly in your shoes?" to which my 10 year old says "that's easy, i do that (the sleep in bed with sand part) pretty much every day all summer long!"

so true, so true.... we had a good laugh over that one.

now, about hanging pictures. i'm trying. i really am. i framed one, purchased a mat for another frame & they're all lying around here someplace, but i'm trying to gather a few other pictures to hang in groups. so far, nothing's on the walls, but i'm making progress.

and more art. i have an art project in the works for this week. we will be studying the work of wassily kandinsky.

i have tried several different approaches to projects & one of my favorites it to take a master/classic and work around their style. hopefully i will have photos to post here showing all of our masterpieces.

as for the vacation...

still working on that one☺

and i have realized that if i'm going to do better & be better, i need to pick one or two specifics & hit them hard. it's too vague to just try to be better & almost overwhelming. so this goal in itself has a whole set of mini goals that need to be put down on paper.

i'll keep you posted....


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful I have 2 little people that enjoy watching Nemo! Gives me a good excuse to watch and laugh too! Good to hear you're preparing something to hang on the walls - you'll find it brings a smile to your heart when you have a piece of yourself displayed inside your home :) Hope you're preparing some of your personal artwork to display - it was always nice to see at the old house!

Jamie said...

I liked the update!I need to learn how to laugh more right now, not just smile but LAUGH outloud. I wanna see your walls when you're finished hanging pics. I need some inspiration. Good luck in that vacation planning. Sounds wonderful.

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