Wednesday, January 6, 2010

this new year...

i am loving this new year.

as much as i was not ready for the holidays when they began, i am more than ready for this new year. right about now, i am all about chances to make things fresh, new, better.

last night we had a discussion with our boys about the new year & setting goals.
somehow the whole conversation sounded like some sort of dreaded punishment we were bestowing upon them. that was totally NOT what i intended, but it had that general feel. i tried to impress upon them that setting goals is a good thing & it's great to have that feeling of accomplishment.

they really weren't impressed. but still, we are asking them to come up with 3-5, realistic, do-able goals by the end of the week.

so, what are your goals this year?


usually, i have a list and keep it pretty short & simple. it's catagorized & everything. i like it that way because life has so many catagories, doesn't it? usually it's something like personal, family, homeschooling & other (home, hobbies, work, etc).

this year, i am flooded with things that need to be done & it's hard to narrow it down.

first, more laughter. laugh with my family, my friends, myself. i don't do this enough & i don't know why. i'm too serious & i know it. laughing is good for you & i need to come up with a way to do it more. enuff said.

secondly, hang pictures. i want to get off my hump about hanging things on the walls. i really don't even want to talk about it because it's so dull....but suffice it to say that we have lived here 4 1/2 years and there's almost nothing on the walls, pictures or otherwise. it's starting to get on my nerves.

...and curtains. i should really start thinking about curtains, but i'm not sure that's going to make it into this years goals. i envsion the big boy moving out before curtains get put up in his room. but here, i'm rambling...

third, a vacation. and i don't mean camping☺. we are talking sunny beaches here. i think this is going to be my favorite goal to achieve and i'm soooo looking forward to it. *this is a joint goal between the man & myself. i like those goals. they're happy goals ☺

fourth, do art. in school, i have severely slacked about art projects. and you would think i'd be all over it, but i just don't want to take the time to fit it in. but i've promised myself that this winter, we'll be all about art. so i'm getting my stuff out this week. it's GOT to be done!

fifth, do better & be better. i want to be a better wife & mom. do better, living each day with it's own little "on purpose" set of goals. there's so much i could toss into this pot, but i don't want to bore the masses. i just know that if i do the same, i'll be the same & i'll get the same results. i want things to be different, and that means i have to do & be different. this one's going to take the most work & it's probably not going to be finished this year, but i've got to start now.

oh... and fear not, there will be lots more knitting too.....

above photo courtesy of the big boy☺


Lindsay @ said...

We have nothing on our walls either. I do have some curtains hung but every single one of them needs hemmed. We've been in our house a little over two years and it looks like we just moved in.

I am so glad I am not the only one! :)

Shannan Martin said...

Love those goals! Maybe more laughter = less Dex. ;)

And I swear, you will be so please when you get stuff on those walls! It makes such a difference and it's fun to do.

We need to do a NFBC flea trip this Spring/Summer - you're guaranteed to find something...and you've got loads of gorgeous photos screaming to be framed!

Sarah said...

love your resolutions! especially the wall's not easy is it?

alphabet momma said...

Inspiring resolutions. I have my own but they aren't in writing. Maybe that should be my first goal.
Sounds like you're going to have an enjoyable year! Laughter is good.

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