Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i am thankful

in all of my inability to deal with the holidays closing in on me, it has occurred to me that i need to focus on what the holidays are about, whether i'm really ready or not.

i've always got a lot to be thankful for. i could make a big long list of all the "things" i'm thankful for, but i'm going to focus on what's dearest to me.

this man & our marriage. he's the center of my world & i'm blessed by how much he loves me. we've been married 17 years & this spring will mark 20 years together. yee-OWza...☺

this boy...the firstborn...the apple of my eye. we have entered a new dimension with a teenager in our home & lucky for both of us, i'm liking it☺

and last but not least, this one...the baby...the spice in our lives. he keeps it lively around here and we love that about him.

right here are the greatest blessings in my life. i'm so thankful for them. god granted my heart's desire with these 3 and somehow, i could not ask for more☺

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

are you ready?

are you gearing up?
this week is thanksgiving week & i still cannot believe it.
i am not ready for it.

this year has been a strange one, all the way through.
nothing has gone the way i'd like to have planned it.

days & months have flown by.
there's nothing i can do about it, but i'd like to.

here thanksgiving is upon us, the temps are going to drop to the 30's and the snow will likely fly.
where was fall? seems like we had no transition from summer and now winter is upon us.

and christmas....don't even get me started. i am not ready for christmas.
my youngest child's birthday is coming up next week & as usual, i am not ready for that either.

but i'm working on it.
i will be ready for thanksgiving dinner on thursday.
i am looking forward to shopping on friday.
i anticipate good times with friends in the coming weeks.
i feel lots of finished projects coming off my needles every day now.

i am going to fake it, till i make it ☺


but seriously, all griping & grumbling aside, i'll leave you with this little gem..........

this morning my boys came downstairs for breakfast & santa was on the early show, talking to children out on the plaza, and very matter-of-factly, the little boy says:

"i can't believe santa's been twisting the minds of little children for all these years!"

seriously, i couldn't make up material that good if i tried. where he comes up with it, i haven't got a clue.


so if i don't talk to you soon, go forward & enjoy this holiday season!

Friday, November 20, 2009

knitting socks

i am so excited -they're finished!

like my abused uggs? those babies keep my feet warm from september thru may. *note they're not pretty ones...they're functional ones ☺

i have a real affection for great striped socks. my best friend & i get each other socks for gifts pretty much every christmas. my boys usually get me socks for my stocking too.

so far i've been really leery about paying the price for wool socks, even though i could really use them. but now that i'm knitting, the opportunity is so sweet!

they say once you've worn handmade socks, you won't want to wear anything else. i'll let you know how that turns out ☺

so stay tuned... there are sure to be more socks in the very near future.

but for now, i'm heading onward to more power knitting for christmas! did you know there are only 30ish days till christmas? ee-gads!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

this dreary week...

life is feeling dreary around here. i'm finding myself yawning at every turn.

nothing spectactular going on here, but i'll tell ya what IS happening....

this past weekend we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. we lived it up with some mighty good seafood at red lobster & started watching season 3 of dexter. man, i love that show☺

i baked a cheesecake for us. it was yum-may! my poor boys are so sheltered that neither of them knew what a real baked cheesecake was. i think i should have kept them in the dark even longer, seeing as they both reeeally liked it. it's one of those things i'll have to hide if i want my share.

we've had 2 trips to the dentist & one to the orthodontist this week. isn't that exciting?

and last night i got to spend 2 hours watching my youngest painfully do his best to stay upright on rollerskates. when i say "painfully" i really do mean painfully.

otherwise, i'm spending every spare minute sock knitting, which i absolutely l o v e! and since i already have a thing for socks, this is the perfect addiciton. i'm almost finished with a new pair & i'll be posting pictures as soon as i'm done. they're scrump-dilly-icious☺

and because no post is a good post without photos, here are the people who keep me going whether i like it or not, 24/7/365...

so thanks for reading the blog & be sure to check back soon for more titillating details of my life & those around me ☺

Friday, November 13, 2009

friday favorite | nappanee children's photographer

i like this one today because:

  • i love the look on his face - he's totally more drama than i can take, pretty much every day of the week
  • this boy sat right next to me on the sofa pretty much the whole time i had the flu because he wanted to be with me
  • his new saying from the princess bride is "hello, my name is pico de gallo, you killed my father, prepare to die..." that completely cracks me up☺
  • he's a writer. he started another book yesterday & as always, it ought to be good
  • right now he likes to say "your stash is trash, your beard is weird". he's 9, go figure...
  • he's really into the old star trek reruns playing after supper. last night he was in the basement watching & pretty soon we hear "space..... the final frontier..." in this loud little voice. it was killin us, we were trying so hard not to crack up...☺

*this image was shot @f2.8, 1/160, iso 500 with a 50mm 1.4 lens

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sisters : etna green children's photographer

i have 13 nieces & nephews from my own siblings. with my 2 boys, there are 15 grandchildren (plus 1 on the way) from the 5 of us kids. out of the 15, there are 6 girls.

these are the big girls. or maybe i should say the older girls... that's how i catagorize the kids in my head. we have the big kids & the little kids... the teens & the munchkins. something like that☺

this is what happens when your aunt stops by unexpectedly & says "hey girls, let's take some pictures!" mom's in a panic because they're not exactly in perfect picture mode, but i just wanted to capture them right then - no big deal.

these are their "we can be beautiful without smiling" faces...

but then we're back to laughing because it's hard to be so serious when you're trying not to smile☺

don't they look as if they like each other?

this one below i look at and i think... LOVE....

this one is a personal favorite... so sweet...

and last but not least, we got one with her dog. now, i'm not a dog photographer, but that's a pretty good tongue shot, right?!

thanks girls, let me know what you think!

Friday, November 6, 2009

friday favorite | nappanee children's photographer

this is my pick today because:

  • i love this own muse
  • sometimes i like a black & white contrasty (really, that's a word)
  • did i say i love this guy? ☺

*this image was shot @f4.0, 1/125, iso 200 with a 50mm 1.4 lens

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i love wool & wool loves me

between christmas projects, i have been working on these. if you know me, you probably know i have really cold hands. i mean reeeeally cold. and when i started knitting last fall, fingerless gloves were at the top of my things-to-do list.

well, i finally made them & i'm in love!

they are warm & cozy.
they are useful.
they are versatile.
they are grey.☺

and they are somewhat addictive. i am envisioning a lot more pairs of these puppies in the near future!

these fingerless gloves were knit using a combination of ideas from the pattern toasty & the thumb gusset instructions from the pattern cabled fingerless gloves, both found on ravelry. the yarn used is shepherd's wool from stonehedge fibermill, which can be found locally at the shuttle shop in warsaw.

*photo courtesy of my beloved 13 yr old who was ever so willing to take time out from his schoolwork to photograph my gloves

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

beauty this fall... | nappanee photographer

for some burning reason, i needed a picture of these weeds. it has been on my mind for some time. at first i was wondering...where am i going to find some of those? maybe i'll look along the roadside....

then a brilliant idea struck - how about our 2 acres of weeds out back? yes, i am that slow sometimes....☺ and i didn't have far to look; they are not in short supply.

they have a winsome loveliness to them, don't they? a little bit of beauty in all that brown out there.

Monday, November 2, 2009

my funny little boy | nappanee children's photographer

just the other night i was making tuna salad & the little boy came up beside me as i was opening the cans of tuna. soon there ensued a conversation something like this:

little boy: "that smells bad"

me: "what does it smell like?"

little boy: "death...hate...pain!"

me: *laughing*

i couldn't help but grab him & give him a quick headlock/hug. i don't always understand how this kid's mind works, but i like it!

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