Tuesday, August 31, 2010

little f is growing up | etna green children's photographer

ever since i took her pictures in the beginning, i've been wanting to spend some time taking more.

mommy says that as soon as the camera comes out, she'll have nothing to do with me.

i started out in front of her and she dodged me left...

i went to her left & she dodged me right...

i popped right back in front & she looked over my shoulder like i wasn't even there!

she's one smooth little operator, this one!

just you wait little girl... i'll be back to getcha

aunt apryl

Thursday, August 26, 2010

a discussion with a 4 yr old | nappanee children's photographer

a couple of weeks ago we stopped by my nephew's on his 4th birthday. as per usual, i took my camera along in case the opportunity arose to snap a few shots of anyone cute.

this boy was doing his thing.
playing in the dirt because apparently dirt is more fun than the sandbox for some such reason or another.
and playing in the dirt is one of the things that boys do best, so we have to let them do that, especially on their birthday.

so i planted myself there next to him and started chatting & snapping in between.

mr. c was seriously working on setting up a barn with some cows & pigs.

i guess that dirt doubles for bedding, food, saw dust... whatever you happen to need at that moment.

at some point, mr. c looked up and said something like

mr. c: "why are you takin' pictures of me?"

to which i replied something like

me: "cause it's your birthday & i thought that might be kind of nice for your mom to have pictures of you on your birthday. is that ok???"

mr c.: "no."

i guess serious business should not be interrupted by the sound of the shutter clattering.
ropin' up your cows and all, that's very serious stuff.

so i'm thinking, "great. he's really gonna make me work for this!"

these 4 yr olds, what can we do with them?

we can bribe them, that's what we can do with them

me: "so, maybe if i can get some nice pictures of you, i just might have a birthday present for you..."

wow... magical... look at that face!

me: "seriously, is that the best you got?"
(i see no reason to beat around the bush with these people - 4 yr old people, that is)

me: "oh yeah... that's what i'm talkin' about!"

mr. c: "so about that birthday present... "

me: "just exactly how many birthday presents could you possibly need???"

me: "ahhh... that many. well i suppose 1 more won't hurt you!"

so, thanks little buddy, for the pictures.
hope this 4 thing turns out to be just great!

aunt apryl

ps. mom, that's chocolate cake around his mouth there. if you want me to, i can get rid of it, course i thought it was sort of cute! boys with clean faces... do those exist?

Monday, August 23, 2010

little miss s | bourbon children's photographer

a couple of weeks ago i had the delightful privilege of photographing this little girl.
technically, i've photographed her once before, but that just wasn't quite the same!

i've decided that "S" stands for "sweetie", cause that's her.

i love the time i spend with children in front of my camera!
can't wait till i get another chance to capture miss s & her smiles again

Friday, August 20, 2010

rocking my kitchen today

some of you know that tacos, quesadillas & burritos are a mainstay at our house. we like us some mexican food!

lately i found myself buying packet after packet of taco seasoning.
each time i'd buy it, something nagged at me, telling me i should probably just make some myself.

sometimes, i hate it when that happens...

so here's the recipe i found & tweaked to my liking.
hopefully someone can use it as much as i can!

if you're like me, you already have all or most of these ingredients in your cupboard.

taco seasoning
6 tsp. chili powder
5 tsp. paprika
5 tsp. cumin
3 tsp. onion powder
3 tsp. garlic powder
3 tsp. cornstarch
1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper
2 tsp. seasoned salt

shake it up.
store in jar with tight fitting lid.
7 tsp. = 1 packet of seasoning
add to 1 lb. browned ground beef & 3/4-1 c. water.
simmer a couple minutes, shouldn't be runny.

we eat a lot of them & it always bugs me that the regular, made with your all-american bleached flour ones are pretty unhealthy for you & still have transfats in them.

even the recipes for homemade ones are made with either lard or shortening. i just don't like those options.

so i found theses...

now i'll be straight with ya... these aren't the healthiest of the possibilities on the market, but they're much better than the non-whole wheat alternative. i've looked, i've tried at least 2 other brands that offered a whole wheat option. but looking at all around consitency, feel, taste, etc. i like these the best.

and they fit my requirements, so i'm happy. they're also really affordable, get them on sale for $1.59 a pack of 8, 8" tortillas. that's not bad at all.

the piece de resistance:

i found these meijer brand chips on sale a couple weeks ago. as a rule, i don't buy a lot of chips, because lets face it, we do not need chips. but i needed chips & they looked good.

and they are good. bonus!

so have i got your wheels turning?
i hope so - this stuff is great!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i am mesmerized by her eyes...
i am fascinated by her cheeks...
i am captivated by her lovely disposition...

i have been charmed by this little one, my adorable niece.

love you baby girl!

Monday, August 16, 2010

summer hiatus is over...

if you haven't noticed, i took a little break this summer.
and by break, i mean break from blogging.
i didn't plan on it... it just worked out that way.

and seriously, i don't think it was that big of a deal, seeing as how my husband & 10 yr old were the only ones who noticed!

this summer has been typical of the last year and a half or so... very weird, lots of ups & downs... mostly i've dwelt on the downs. i truly haven't been "me", but i'm pulling myself back up there and getting back into the normal routine of things.

it feels like i've accomplished little, but actually i've achieved a lot.

often i've felt as if there isn't much to show for it with the disappearance of my camera for an extended period in july (depressing... emphasis on the depressing)

but i have survived

my youngest & i survived his time in casts. i'm so glad that experience is over with. i can't imagine this hot summer with casts on... lord help us!

my oldest turned 14 in july. i look at him (almost looking up at him, actually) and cannot believe i have a 14 yr old man-child. nope. just can't.

i have tried new recipes. many. maybe too many. i spent a crazy amount of time copying recipes from library books in a quest to find new salads, new summer dishes, new things to get me out of the hum-drum that is cooking.

i have to tell you, i had many strike-outs. most of our summer has been just me & my boys at dinner time & i think my husband has spoiled me. he happily eats anything that he's served and doesn't find a need to tell me that it's not really great, even if he feels that way. my boys... that's another story. my youngest would eat his first helping and be done. that was clue #1 that it's not too good. my oldest would flat out critique the dish as if he were an expert chef. a simple "i didn't really care for it" would suffice for me.

so... we're pretty much back where we began but i did find a few things that we liked & made their way into my recipe binders.

there seemed to be no problem devouring this peach berry cobbler, pretty much in one sitting.

yes... i caved to peer pressure & had mine with a little ice cream... i'll admit that it was pretty good.

so don't give up on me... my mind's just flowing with ideas for my next post

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