Thursday, January 29, 2009

this girl...

ok, i have a thing for this girl (one of my nieces), i could just eat her up, you know... she's like a little eye candy for me when i get to take her picture.

the focus on these pictures is all over the place... i took, like, millllll-ions of her on this day & these are not technically the best ones, but i can just hear her little voice talkin' to me as i snapped away...

you sweet girl, i hope i get to take lots more.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

scrapbook much?

a little project that kept me busy right after christmas was making a baby album for my new little precious niece. 6 years ago i started making these albums for all the new ones in my family & they have been so much fun. this is my 7th album to date.

i love to scrapbook & these are such a fun, quick fix. it's so great to be able to put together a whole, complete album in a very short period of time, all it needs are the photos added by mom.

this particular album is an 8x8 "first year" album, complete with a page for each month from birth to the 1st birthday, including a calendar on the left side & photo page on the right. this way, mom can write on the calendar, journaling all the details of baby's first year. all she has to do is add 1 photo each month. that's it. super simple. and when baby's 1 year old, you have a complete album. they're just pure fun.

*some of my past work

hopefully, i'll get around to making one for each of my own boys! i've already got the albums, now all i need is a serious case of ambition.

*excuse the photos, they're not so nice

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

music to my ears

there is so much of this going on in my house and i love it. sometimes it can make a person crazy to hear someone else's favorite little ditty played over, and over, and over again...but for the most part, i can really dig it.

one of the little dreams i've always had for my children was that they would love music. i never imagined i'd have a piano in my house or that i would ever play again after all those years of lessons, but when my youngest showed interest, we thought we'd better try to channel that interest...quick.

this year is our boys' 2nd year with evelyn stichter's piano studio; she's wonderful & they really enjoy her.

it's been thrilling to see both my boys do so well...they have made their mom proud!

Monday, January 26, 2009

my new obsession

it all started back in november when i got it in my head (and couldn't get it out) that i really wanted a knit hat for winter. after searching around & looking a lot on etsy & all the stores i could find, i purchased a hat & decided "hey, i could knit one myself if i wanted to", because that's just how i naturally think.

so after spending a bit of time (ie: hours) searching the net for free instructions & patterns, i set out to start knitting like a pro. this is just what i do, i find something, i become obsessed & my husband realizes that yet again, he'll be going to bed without me.

so this is one of my first projects. a seed stitch (aka moss stitch) hat, found the free pattern on lion brand's website.

i made my own little alteration because i wanted a bit of ribbing around the bottom edge, otherwise i followed the pattern. i used lion brand yarn, lion 100% wool prints, colorway: ocean blues. i love the seed stitch, it's easy to learn & has such nice texture.

i also found a really great resource in the ravelry online community. i highly recommend it if you're interested in knitting/crocheting. it's a huge, addictive place to roam around.

there are also 2 great local yarn/knitting shops in the area. the first one is the shuttleshop in warsaw. kathy (the owner) is really great. also, there's ewe-nique knits in goshen. these are both great places to go and surround yourself with the wonderful yarn offerings there.

so if you're looking for something to keep your brain fresh & healthy, try taking up a new skill like knitting... i dare you!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

bigger photos

hey, i finally got if figured out how to get the really big photos on blogger if there's any interest out there, leave me a comment here & i'll try to post instructions on how to!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

the new girl

well, my newest little niece is here, she was born in december & these images were taken at about 2 weeks old.
this was my first newborn shoot, so i really wasn't sure how they would turn out, but i'm pleasantly surprised.

i got several nice & sweet shots, but these are some of my favorites!

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