Wednesday, May 12, 2010

miss f, part 2 | nappanee newborn photographer

i just couldn't get enough of this sweet little girl, so i had her back for another session.

in these photos she's 10 days old, and i'm telling you - i have some new all-time favorite photos right here from this session.

don't they just ooze baby love?

love you baby girl!
can't wait to capture more of you

aunt apryl


Jamie said...

So excited about these pictures! I absolutely love them! You captured her beautifully!Very hard to pick my favorite, they are all so good.

jodyfoznot said...

Beautiful! I them all! If I had to pick a fav, it would be the second one. Her eyes are totally captivating in that one and I love the soft coloring! The first one of her feet and bottom is adorable, too.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

She is dreamy and delicious and YOU are talented!! Great light that you captured.

Kathy Monesmith said...

Again fantastic pictures!!

Lindsay Stutzman said...

I love it! Are you going to come to SC to take pictures of my babies, once I have them of course!

Lindsay Stutzman said...

My comment might start rumors, so for the record, I AM NOT PREGNANT! I can't wait to tell you that I am, though! :)

half-biscuit said...

Just dropping by... Nice photos btw... Just curious... What camera model are u using?

laurie said...

Gorgeous pictures. Say your comment on Mis Booshay's FB page about the 35mm lens. I also shoot with a D80 and purchased that lens a little bit ago. When I used the 50 mm 1.8 I sometimes felt like I didn't have enough room to back up in my house to get as much in the picture as I would like. So far I like the 35 mm and I'm trying to use it more since seeing all the beautiful pictures on Quiet Life that she took with it. Can I ask what lens you used for this shoot? I'm been thinking about the 17-55mm 2.8.

laurie said...

I meant saw your comment..not say your comment. If you don't mind sharing what lens you use my e-mail is


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