Monday, May 3, 2010

excitement | part 1

we have been keeping busy around here.

personally, i prefer hum-drum. really - i don't have a problem with mediocrity because frankly, i'm too lazy for a whole lot more.

lately, we've been losing lots of teeth. being the slacker that i am, i owe this kid about $5 over the past few weeks for all the teeth he's lost.

what else's been going on??? uuhhhh....

oh yeah. the arms. the broken ones. we've been dealing with that too.

two, no less. we're still trying to wrap our brains around this one. and really, it's kind of interesting the looks i get taking this boy anywhere.

not something you see everyday, i guess.

*see that crud between his fingers there - yummy, don't you think? try not being able to really wash the hands of your boy for 5 weeks. truly, a mother's nightmare.

lesson to be learned: acrobatics are best done with belts & ropes, and at the very least, a thick & fluffy mat to land on when you go flying from a swing, head first in the wrong direction.


Summer said...

If your boy gets $5 for teeth, what does he get for each broken arm? :)

Anonymous said...

Again, one more reason to be so thankful that you could get into the Doc.'s office - you never know what policy would have been placed upon you at the hospital! Hope all heals well and 5 weeks come without too much "crud!"


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I'm sorry, but this STILL cracks me up. Even better when I remember that the rumor mill (aka Cory) had me thinking it was YOU with the two broken arms!

Poor guy.

But still, it's funny. He'll tell this story forevah! ;)

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