Friday, May 21, 2010

the garden... first harvest 2010

last night i spent some time weeding the ever-loving strawberry patch.
we have out-of-control clover in parts of the patch.

it's terrible.

i have never seen anything like it!

the conviction of will that it took for me to spend an hour weeding just a tiny 3 x 1' stretch of patch was mind-numbing.
not to mention the hopelessness that came when i looked at the next 25 x 4' that still need attention.


so anyhow, the 2 casted boy came over to check out my hard work (since he's too handicapped to help with the weeding, don't you know).

he noticed that there were radishes that needed picking.
he explained that radishes & cucumbers are his favorites of all things to pick from the garden.
this doesn't shock me, whatsoever.

can we all say "very little effort required"?!

so here's the first crop. there's still more out there to pick, and once they're ready, we'll plant more. radishes are nice & they let us grow them pretty much all season long.

*i have no idea what happened to that reject in the lower right corner, but other than being a freakish shade of purple (which by the way bled off onto our hands like ink), it wasn't especially hot or strange tasting. it was devoured in one bite by the big guy, along with almost every other one we picked, at supper.

oh, and ps.... we did pick a couple of strawberries too. SO excited, i can hardly wait for them


Mary said...

Beautiful & makes me hungry just looking at that photo. Great job!

Jamie said...

We also picked some strawberries yesterday. We had to pen up the chickens because they thought the stawberry patch was their own personal restaurant! Looking forward to shortcake and pie!
The radishes look good! Not sure I would have eaten that big inky radish. Also not sure why we didn't plant radishes this year. Enjoy your garden.

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