Wednesday, May 26, 2010

happy vengence

it's amazing how some things can take off & get away from you without your notice. that is what my perennials have done this spring.

i have one little flower bed that i have accumulated perennials in over the time we have lived here. i am so glad i went with perennials because i do not have the patience for the annual ritual. i like the renewal of these flowers each year, something to look forward to with expectations each spring.

the early birds have already finished blooming like my irises & ground cover. (if anyone is interested in a dwarf white/purple iris, let me know because i'd like to split it this year!)

i've been surprised to see that my globeflower has reappeared after a no-show last year. this confounds me! and i guess my poppies are not going to happen (i would really love to have some poppies!).

this year some of my plants have just gone ginormous on me. i'm not sure why. i'm sure there's a logical reason having to do with something like the climate over the past year... that's just my guess. but regardless, in the flower bed and in my garden (more on the herbal takeover later) things seem to have returned with a happy vengence

the blessed lupine has come back in a big way. i have never seen so many blooms on this plant. (these photos were taken almost 10 days ago, so by now they are maxxed out to full bloom. this is the stage where i like them best)

the salvia. i have found that i have an over-abundance of purple flowers in my garden

if the skies allow, i'll be posting more flowers as they arrive.

happy gardening ♥


Anonymous said...

I too am not interested in caring for annuals - but would rather collect the perennials! I'd love some dwarf iris's if you're looking to share! Flowers are amazing to look at and what a joy to have a beautiful photo when the flower has gone to rest :)


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Superb!! Those lupine are very lovely. And I'm finding the same thing about the purple, and in my case, pink. Everything I have is one or the other, for the most part. That could be a good idea, in theory, except I have huge globs of purple all right next to each other, with big bunches of pink right beside. Can you tell I haven't put a ton of thought into this??

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