Thursday, November 19, 2009

this dreary week...

life is feeling dreary around here. i'm finding myself yawning at every turn.

nothing spectactular going on here, but i'll tell ya what IS happening....

this past weekend we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. we lived it up with some mighty good seafood at red lobster & started watching season 3 of dexter. man, i love that show☺

i baked a cheesecake for us. it was yum-may! my poor boys are so sheltered that neither of them knew what a real baked cheesecake was. i think i should have kept them in the dark even longer, seeing as they both reeeally liked it. it's one of those things i'll have to hide if i want my share.

we've had 2 trips to the dentist & one to the orthodontist this week. isn't that exciting?

and last night i got to spend 2 hours watching my youngest painfully do his best to stay upright on rollerskates. when i say "painfully" i really do mean painfully.

otherwise, i'm spending every spare minute sock knitting, which i absolutely l o v e! and since i already have a thing for socks, this is the perfect addiciton. i'm almost finished with a new pair & i'll be posting pictures as soon as i'm done. they're scrump-dilly-icious☺

and because no post is a good post without photos, here are the people who keep me going whether i like it or not, 24/7/365...

so thanks for reading the blog & be sure to check back soon for more titillating details of my life & those around me ☺


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Hey - your life sounds an awful lot like my life! (Minus the sock knitting, of course.)

I remember when I realized that a "real" cheesecake was baked. My aunt makes one that weighs like 5 pounds! Sounds SO good.

Can't wait to see those socks, you crafty girl, you!

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