Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i love wool & wool loves me

between christmas projects, i have been working on these. if you know me, you probably know i have really cold hands. i mean reeeeally cold. and when i started knitting last fall, fingerless gloves were at the top of my things-to-do list.

well, i finally made them & i'm in love!

they are warm & cozy.
they are useful.
they are versatile.
they are grey.☺

and they are somewhat addictive. i am envisioning a lot more pairs of these puppies in the near future!

these fingerless gloves were knit using a combination of ideas from the pattern toasty & the thumb gusset instructions from the pattern cabled fingerless gloves, both found on ravelry. the yarn used is shepherd's wool from stonehedge fibermill, which can be found locally at the shuttle shop in warsaw.

*photo courtesy of my beloved 13 yr old who was ever so willing to take time out from his schoolwork to photograph my gloves


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...


And I totally wondered who took the photo, so thank you for anticipating my curiosity.

Jamie said...

The girls love them! Very cute. Hope they keep your cold fingers warm and limber so you can finish the rest of your knitting projects.=)

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