Tuesday, November 24, 2009

are you ready?

are you gearing up?
this week is thanksgiving week & i still cannot believe it.
i am not ready for it.

this year has been a strange one, all the way through.
nothing has gone the way i'd like to have planned it.

days & months have flown by.
there's nothing i can do about it, but i'd like to.

here thanksgiving is upon us, the temps are going to drop to the 30's and the snow will likely fly.
where was fall? seems like we had no transition from summer and now winter is upon us.

and christmas....don't even get me started. i am not ready for christmas.
my youngest child's birthday is coming up next week & as usual, i am not ready for that either.

but i'm working on it.
i will be ready for thanksgiving dinner on thursday.
i am looking forward to shopping on friday.
i anticipate good times with friends in the coming weeks.
i feel lots of finished projects coming off my needles every day now.

i am going to fake it, till i make it ☺


but seriously, all griping & grumbling aside, i'll leave you with this little gem..........

this morning my boys came downstairs for breakfast & santa was on the early show, talking to children out on the plaza, and very matter-of-factly, the little boy says:

"i can't believe santa's been twisting the minds of little children for all these years!"

seriously, i couldn't make up material that good if i tried. where he comes up with it, i haven't got a clue.


so if i don't talk to you soon, go forward & enjoy this holiday season!


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