Monday, October 19, 2009

happy fall...| nappanee portrait photographer

maybe we'll have fall, maybe we won't.

the cold weather has had me slightly miffed, i'll admit. i was hoping for a nice leisurely, long fall to hang out my laundry & hold off the heat & prepare for the holidays.

but i think we forget that the last couple of years, october has brought us 70 & 80 degree temperatures and spoiled us rotten.

in 2007, we left for florida in october, a week before the nappanee tornado, and i felt it was sort of unfair; i had planned to be leaving the cruddy indiana fall weather and temps for warm & sunny florida. we left indiana in shorts & tees to head down south. now...that's just not right, i tell ya.

so in our haste to complain & feel like we're getting a fall gyp, i have to remember that one good turn deserves another.

***the pumpkins above came from our garden this year, my youngest planted 3 mounds with 3 seeds each & 1 grew from each mound. a papa, a mama & a baby pumpkin!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Beautiful photo! And you know I'm with you on the crappy weather.

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