Wednesday, October 21, 2009

frogs photo shoot : nappanee custom portrait photographer

my boys love the wildlife. this is something that i really enjoy. frogs, toads, snakes, bugs...whatever they can find.

inspired by my friend cathy, when the boys found these guys, i thought we should document the experience.

these guys were found in one of our window wells & my youngest thought he'd rescue them. i'm sure they didn't see it that way, but he thought he was doing them a favor.

look at their "toes", aren't they amazing? they are really something when they stretch them all the way out there...which they mostly do when they jump....which i didn't get a picture of...☺

and these little dudes completely live up to their name. "leopard" frogs are fast little suckers. they were not at all up for a photo shoot & they were slicker than snot (so to speak). there was a lot of chasing and giggling going on while we tried to take their pictures!

look at this guy...he's trying to climb out with those incredible "fingers"...

as the temperature dropped, crickets were becoming scarce & they were let go to fend for themselves. hooray for my little guy - he is so into finding a pet, but i'm glad he made the choice on his own to do what was best for them.

come on now, you'll have to admit ...aren't they cute?

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