Tuesday, September 15, 2009

this girl : nappanee children's photographer

last month, i rented a lens through rentglass.com. before i returned it, i wanted to get one last shoot in with this girl.

i have been completely excited about sharing these here - it's hard to contain them all!

the photogenic sweet thing that is my niece. i had the best time with this girl... she just made the job so easy for me, i wish my own 2 (not so little) subjects were always this much fun!

get ready... this is an image overload!

this child is 5 years old...ALMOST 6, as she tells me, but 5... can you believe that? posing is not my strong suit, but i didn't have to give her much direction... america's next top model's got nothin' on this one!

uncle troy thinks that this one (below) needs to be blown up big & hung on the wall...i think he's right...

this girl loves to smile & of course, i love a smile too, but i like contemplative, innocent, "non-smiling" captures too. at some point i said "you don't have to smile all the time, just relax" and she said "you mean like i'm sleeping?" well, not quite THAT relaxed! ☺

that innocent (uh-hem) look...love it

my dear sweet girl, promise that you'll always be so eager to be one of my favorite subjects!

aunt apryl


jodyfoznot said...

These are beautiful! I love this girl...and miss her so much.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

She is just perfection!
(And yes, I'm lying here in mild agony, waiting on my meds to kick in, reading some blogs. It's helping to take my mind off my current state!) Bleh.

beachy keen girl said...

I love every picture of that little beauty. She is gorgeous...and you take gorgeous photos too :)

Ashley Troyer Events said...

Jamie & Court's kids are soooo stinking cute! Great pics!!

Ashley Troyer Events said...

Jamie & Court's kids are so gorgeous! Great pics! :)

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