Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my little guy : nappanee children's photographer

i take pictures. sometimes it seems the camera is attached to my hands...

then i have a spell where there's not a whole lot going on & i don't pick up the camera as much as i should.

and when i upload those puppies, i'm not always so organized. i start out kiiiind of organized, but then i poop out about half way through (the story of my life). so i usually go through new uploads, star the ones that are technically good, then pick out some that i know i definitely want to do something with.

so there's a big file of things to work on. when i have free time, i dig in there and edit those photos. all i need to do for inspiration is get into that file.

this is one i came across the other night on a late night editing's about 2 years old so he looks like a little guy here.

this boy keeps me going with photos these days. i've got lots of new fun shots of him, but today i'm liking this one...

love ya little boy-child
xoxo, mom


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