Tuesday, September 8, 2009

knitting : i love this hobby!

i'm knitting again.
christmas is coming.
yep, sooner than you think.

can you all say "knitting for 25 people for christmas" with me?
uh huh. this is my plan.

when i started knitting back in november 08, i thought, 'oooh, i've got to make everyone in the family something for christmas next year. that would be SO awesome'.

i have big plans.
i do that sometimes.
it usually works out...really!
and i am embracing it.

so it has begun.

isn't this baby sweet?

the pattern is called the hurricane hat. you can find it on ravelry. it was incredibly fast & easy & now i am in love with this hat & even, kind of, the yarn. maybe it's the luscious jewel tones. maybe it's the perfect shape. maybe it's because i started & finished it in one shot - no restart or ripping back - that's my kind of project!

if you're interested, hop on over to ravelry. you need to become a member if you're not, but it's worth the wait! that place is SPEC-tactular!

by the way, the yarn here is patons sws, a wool/soy blend. the colorway is "natural plum". i purchased mine at the local michaels store.


shellagh selee said...

very cute hat!! I love knitting too, although I am really bad at it! Your photography is beautiful!

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