Wednesday, April 1, 2009

knitting crazy

ok, i haven't been blogging like i should...i know...i have been sidetracked, but in a good way.

i've been knitting... knitting like crazy... i am so in love with it! troy says "are you going to take any more pictures are or you just going to become a full-time knitter?"

so yes, i'm knitting a lot... but not too much. is there such a thing as too much knitting? i should think not!

so i am getting back to it...slowly.

i have good things to share...

these are a few of my latest accomplishments. guess who's been getting some new things to wear?

and this is just a peak...more things to come soon.

stay tuned...


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Holy Cannoli. I saw that precious babe last night sporting her beautiful hat - and now I'm seeing the matching booties! They are the cutest ever. Now, step away from the computer and back to those needles!

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