Monday, March 2, 2009

photography tip: catchlights

something that always draws me to a photo is seeing great catch lights in the eyes. catchlights are the reflections coming from a light source captured in someone’s eyes in a photograph.

sometimes i’ll take a picture just because of the catchlights. i see them all the time, when i’m talking to someone, especially my kids. it’s not unusual for one of my boys to be talking to me & i’ll interrupt them saying “stay right there - don’t move, let me get my camera!”. i know, real nice mom… but sometimes i just can’t help myself!

when you’re taking photos you normally try & position someone toward the best light, which should in turn result in getting some nice catchlights in their eyes. it makes a huge difference in the entire result of the image, especially a close-up. in studio, many photographers use soft boxes just for this reason, to mimic the the look of the reflection of window light in the eyes. many even have preferences over square, rectangle & hexagon shapes depending upon which shape of catchlight they like best!

since i shoot natural light, indoors i like a big window (or set ‘em right next to a small window) or french door/s. these work niiiiice! so... next time you're taking photos, set out to capture some catchlights. let me know what happens!


This DVM's Wife's Life said...

You take beautiful pictures! I've really enjoyed reading through your blog. I found yours through I Heart Faces. I own a d80 as well and it is attached to my hip.
I'll be sure to stop by again. You have some great photography info here to read.

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