Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a shopping we will go...

today, i am trekking to ft. wayne with my very best friend to attend the vera bradley outlet sale.

although i do own my fair share of vb, i am mostly going along for the ride, this will be my friend's first time to the sale & she's got a very specific list in mind. i think we will be on a mission.

we could not travel elsewhere without making a stop at a local yarn shop though! so i will be making my first stop at sarah jane's yarn shoppe.

i am so excited & hope that i find some treasures to add to my collection.

after these past few months of working on many little projects, i am dying to sink my teeth into a sweater, so i will have my eyes peeled for good deals suited to start a new project.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said... was it? I was supposed to go with a friend on Tuesday but it fell through. She picked out the perfect thing for me, though, so I still sorta feel like I was there. :)

apryl deeter said...

it was good, i managed to keep myself from buying anything, i really didn't have anything i had to have although i would have liked to buy some gifts.

the selection was overall really good, better than i remember last time i went. my friend got exactly what she wanted.

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