Wednesday, November 9, 2011

how i spent my summer and didn't blog about it

oh my goodness.
i haven't been on the blog since july. JULY.
this summer came and it went... soon we'll be getting ready for thanksgiving.

where has this year gone?

and i know very well that i'm far too old to be writing anything entitled
how i spent my summer, yet here i am.

honestly, i don't really want to talk about my summer.

but if i did, i could tell you about how we stayed home. a lot.
and that we only went swimming twice. all. summer. long.
i could tell you how our garden really stunk and the canning was almost nill.

i could also say that i spent nearly every waking moment researching for this school year, and making sure i was ready to officially home school a high school student. my brain literally hurt at the end of each day, but it was exciting.

i might also tell you that we saw all the big super hero/action movies (thor, green lantern, captain america, pirates of the caribbean, cowboys & aliens), but that might be a little too much insight into the real priorities in my life.

all i know is that i was busy and i did not blog.
and i really didn't miss it. {insert cringe here}

so, i've been thinking about blogging and about not blogging.
i think i'd really like to get back to it. i think i've got some things to say and maybe some resources that others might find useful.

i've got lots of ideas for posts ranging anywhere from that i'm loving, to teaching my guys greek & latin roots, to an art curriculum i'm designing, to why i tried the no-shampoo method of washing my hair this year.
(yes... yes i did & i know you can't wait to hear about it)

now, i know that all sounds just awesome, yet i find myself struggling just to keep the toilets clean these days!
just keepin it real, peeps.

so how am i going to fit blogging in there? i don't know.
and now i'm having a conversation with myself.

so, give me a shout out. tell me how you do it all, if you do it all,
and what the heck... even if you don't.

throw some encouragement my way!

i could use it right about now.


Aunt Kath said...

Actually, the world does not end of we don't get everything done. Rest may be a four letter word, but it does prepare the brain for more creative work!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Well, it is about stinking time! I always love reading what you have to say. Get to it.

(No shampoo? I am a greaseball after 22 hours...)

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back. Even though I don't comment~because of this crazy slow dial-up~I loved reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pictures you take. Especially because a lot of them contain MY grandkids! ;-)

alphabet momma said...

Throwing some encouragement your way! (I know...a little support goes a long way!)Yes....where did the year go?? Looking forward to hearing what you have to talk about and seeing what you have show! :-)

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