Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the boy keeps it real

this one is the one that makes me think twice.
he keeps me hoppin and i guess that's good for me.

i completely delight in the funny things kids have to say. the really unexpected off the wall stuff. love. it.

for example....

last night he was drawing in the kitchen & the tv was just sort of "on" for no reason & when i turned it off he looked at me & i said, "it's just the news".

"the news is a very important part of my life!" he says.
really, you've got to be kidding.
the news is depressing. i'm still trying to find out why the news is so very important.

what do you bet there are ulterior motives here?

and then last week, this boy was looking through some library books of famous works of art. after looking, he quietly told me that "one of those books has something disgusting in it". oh no. now i'm worried. i had gotten the books from the children's department, but i should have looked them over thoroughly. sometimes they put a "masterpiece" in there that show a little nudity. you know, the special parts. my kids are pretty sheltered & there are still parts they really haven't seen.

so i looked through the book in question to find michelangelo's "the creation of adam".
you know, the one where god's reaching out touching adam in all his glory. and there was another work that i'd never seen that showed a naked rear end of a youngster, a toddler i'd say.

so i explained the "adam" painting & being that the parts showing were boy parts, i didn't think it would be that big of a deal & adam was probably naked when god created him, right? and the other painting, it was news to me, but i didn't see what the big to-do was.

so later that evening, i brought up the subject of painting nudes and told him that in art schools and colleges, there were classes were you could sit in a room with other students and a model would come in and pose nude for everyone to draw/paint.

you should have seen the look on my innocent 10 year old's face. all he said was:

"O. M. G. .... & i mean the bad G!"

literally. OMG.
what in the world?
i don't even know how he knows what omg means!
(seriously, my kids are not literate in that stuff)

so, i say keep it up kid. mom can always use a good laugh☺


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

What a crack up! I can't imagine the stuff Calvin will come up with in a few more years...

Life with Kaishon said...

That is SO funny. Hilarious! Kaishon is disgusted by naked statues too! One time we were at a very pretty garden taking pictures and there was a nude statue. We had to leave at once because he was SO disgusted with it!

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