Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day & the wildflower bouquet

did you have a happy mother's day? i have to say that i did.

early at breakfast the boys game me homemade cards. i always love that.

i have to share the story behind these cards, though. my boys are always quick to make me things, drawings, cards, lego creations, etc. but for holidays, they sometimes aren't aware of the dates, so they need some help.

a week ago last saturday, i went out for my birthday with a friend. after i left, troy came to the realizion that the next day was mother's day, so he started rushing around to try & get something done for me. he had the boys sit down and make me cards, after which jacob said "dad, mother's day's next sunday!" hey, better early than never, because sometimes we totally forget about it!

so yesterday the guys decided to make me lunch after church, which was really great. they made me one of my favorite "summer" meals, blt's, corn on the cob, and a fruit salad. this is the type of meal we eat in the middle of the summer when we're eating primarily right out of the garden.

it's a little early for the garden, but because martin's had their big produce sale last week, we had some good things on hand.

and the flowers. jon & i went outside on friday looking to cut some flowers. i brought in some of my dwarf irises and he went on the search for wildflowers.

this is one of my favorite things. lots of little & big vases full of dandelions & other various flowers of the yard & field!

so i had a nice, albeit shedding, vase of wildflowers on the table for my mother's day meal!

thanks guys! i love you!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I spied those BLT's in the pic - YUM! And it does totally look like an end-of-Summer meal. Oooh, can't wait!

And I always pick a vase full of whatever that yellow weed is. They are so lovely, but they do make a huge mess after just one day.

Glad to hear you had a nice day!

ps- I had El Camino today. Did you know Cory's office is right next door? You and I should hit it up together, sometime!

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