Wednesday, November 3, 2010

long hair, revisited | nappanee photographer

i take a lot of photos. (understatement)
right now i'm trying to get organized, sorting, deleting, editing. repeat.

it's time consuming and not my idea of a good time.

what i do appreciate, though, is what i find.
images i've totally overlooked or forgotten or been too busy to stop & savor.

recently i did some serious hair cutting around here.
this boy really had some long curly locks!

while sorting through photos, i found some gems.

like this one... i like the subject.
i like that his hair wasn't in his eyes at the time.
i really like the rim light... it's icing on the cake.

this i just love. then end.

mmmm.... i'm a catchlight junkie...

and i'm equal-opportunity as far as hair's concerned.
i like it short just as well as i like it long!

love a clear path to those wonderful eyes


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