Tuesday, October 12, 2010

she makes me smile | nappanee children's photographer

seeing this little one just makes my day!
she has a wonderful disposition & she's a doll.
so luvvy & sweet right now.

i truly miss this age with my boys.

i have always been in love with this angle of view.

i have a similar shot of my oldest when he was little.
i called it his "alfred hitchcock" pose. the mostly bald head & the huge, droopy cheeks.

oh, how i love that!

i love the eyelashes.
i love the exaggeration of the cheeks & the pouty lips.

but i love this one just as much!

love you pretty girl!

aunt apryl


Heather said...

She is just a stink to take photos of right now - you captured her little personality perfectly. This age is fun.....hindsight reveals how quickly it goes! Even tantrums don't seem quite so hard when you know that they'll not be as bad later on :)
That second shot reminds me of someone - maybe seein one of the other kids in it? I do love that expression though. She's got sooo many right now!


Brad said...

Another bee-u-tiful job! I think that second one looks a lot like mommy at that age. Of course, mommy may not remember?

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