Monday, August 16, 2010

summer hiatus is over...

if you haven't noticed, i took a little break this summer.
and by break, i mean break from blogging.
i didn't plan on it... it just worked out that way.

and seriously, i don't think it was that big of a deal, seeing as how my husband & 10 yr old were the only ones who noticed!

this summer has been typical of the last year and a half or so... very weird, lots of ups & downs... mostly i've dwelt on the downs. i truly haven't been "me", but i'm pulling myself back up there and getting back into the normal routine of things.

it feels like i've accomplished little, but actually i've achieved a lot.

often i've felt as if there isn't much to show for it with the disappearance of my camera for an extended period in july (depressing... emphasis on the depressing)

but i have survived

my youngest & i survived his time in casts. i'm so glad that experience is over with. i can't imagine this hot summer with casts on... lord help us!

my oldest turned 14 in july. i look at him (almost looking up at him, actually) and cannot believe i have a 14 yr old man-child. nope. just can't.

i have tried new recipes. many. maybe too many. i spent a crazy amount of time copying recipes from library books in a quest to find new salads, new summer dishes, new things to get me out of the hum-drum that is cooking.

i have to tell you, i had many strike-outs. most of our summer has been just me & my boys at dinner time & i think my husband has spoiled me. he happily eats anything that he's served and doesn't find a need to tell me that it's not really great, even if he feels that way. my boys... that's another story. my youngest would eat his first helping and be done. that was clue #1 that it's not too good. my oldest would flat out critique the dish as if he were an expert chef. a simple "i didn't really care for it" would suffice for me.

so... we're pretty much back where we began but i did find a few things that we liked & made their way into my recipe binders.

there seemed to be no problem devouring this peach berry cobbler, pretty much in one sitting.

yes... i caved to peer pressure & had mine with a little ice cream... i'll admit that it was pretty good.

so don't give up on me... my mind's just flowing with ideas for my next post


jodyfoznot said...

I noticed you were missing! And I missed you! Glad you're back, and hope to see lots of great pictures in the near future.

Love the pics of your beautiful boys, btw. They both have such great eyes. Dreamy.


Anonymous said...

Can't imagine that you had anything else to I read and write this, I'm thinking that I have better things to do, including children that need my whole attention :) Make it exactly what you need it to be and don't worry about the rest :) I love it that Troy never complains about what he has too eat! That's a blessing!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Now I'm all ticked off that YOU didn't notice that I noticed that YOU were not blogging! Hmph.

Sidenote: I looked over on Sunday and saw the smaller boy holding his Dad's hand and your hand, at the same time. It did my heart good.

Sidenote: The larger boy is looking so OLD and Grown Up! And handsome.

Glad you're back. :)

Jamie said...

Umm...I noticed. I think I may have even mentioned it to you that I'm waiting for a post....

Great pics of the boys! They both deserve a frame! That one of your youngest may be my favorite one ever of him!

Glad your break is over.

P.S. You are spoiled my your husband.

Anonymous said...

Apryl- It's good to have you back! We've missed you. The pictures of the boys are really good. They're growing up too fast. I love you all!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

love these photos! How do you get your photos so large on the blog?

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