Friday, March 12, 2010

logic, justification & chocolate chip cookies

ok... so i tried out a new version of a chocolate cookie recipe because i think it's sort of the duty of any so-called baker to make the very best version of the chocolate chip cookie possible. this should be a required part of the baking arsenal.

that's how everyone feels, right?

amidst schooling & hounding people to do their chores, i fit in my cookie therapy. this recipe is really close to my standard, made-a-few-adjustments-over-the-years tollhouse recipe. there are a few tweaks here & there, but i think they made a real difference.

and just because i need to tell you, i always lean toward my oatmeal banana chocolate chip cookies as my standard cookie for these reasons:

  1. i have bananas that need using. at this very moment, there are no less than 15 bananas in my freezer & that's kind of a norm. i buy about 10 lbs per week, but in warmer weather, they turn before we get em all eaten.

  2. the standard choc chip cookie recipe uses 1 cup of butter & yields less than 3 dozen cookies. (no need to package those babies up, they'll get eaten before the day is over) so i have to double it to make it worth my time. see, there's no way i'm making 60 cookies with 2 cups of butter between them. buuuut... i can sub in bananas for some of the butter if necessary. and this, i like☺

so if you like are really nice, really soft for several days, guaranteed, chocolate chip cookie, give this one a try


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