Wednesday, March 3, 2010

english chocolate chip scones

this week i made these rather than the typical cookie.

my youngest, ever ready with constructive criticism, says: "they taste like biscuits, with chocolate chips in it.... that's not so good."

thanks honey. oh well, more for me.

i would warn though, that after eating 3 in a row, you might not feel so good.... everything in moderation


Anonymous said...

So....what did you think about the scones? I always look at scones/recipes and think that they look marvelous, but I haven't found a recipe that allows me to like them. Of course, for anything to be really good, it must be full of things that aren't good for my belly - shucks! Jon is always prepared with one of those "keeper" quotes :)

beachy keen girl said...

YUM! They look perfect, they have to taste perfect :)

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