Monday, July 13, 2009

oh cilantro...

maybe i seem a little repetative, but i can't think of any good reason not to eat mexican food all the time!

we finally picked some of the cilantro in our garden & put it to good use in the pico de gallo when i made these nachos.

nachos is a meal at our house!

my pico de gallo

all fresh vegetables & cilantro:

lime juice

note: this is not an exact science, so measurements are kind of/sort of:

chop up (kind of small) almost equal amounts of tomatoes & onions. (i use enough to make around a soupbowl size full container) add one jalapeno chopped up, remove the insides first, leave some seeds according to how hot you like it. a lot of seeds = very hot. no seeds = pretty much no heat. add a handful of cilantro chopped up fine, a splash of lime juice & salt to taste.

serve it fresh. enjoy it, it's an addiction!


beachy keen girl said...

um, YUM! Ok, now I have to swing by Shannan's for some pesto and past your house for some nachos! And you are right, there is nothing wrong with eating mexican food all the time!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Apryl, this looks incredible! Thanks for the idea. I SO share your love for Mexican food!!

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