Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i ♥ photography week 28 : feet

this weeks contest at i heart faces is "feet week".

i had recently been looking at a series of photos i took a few years ago of the little boy. so this photo came to mind. i love kids reading & i have an unusual amount of photos of my boys reading. one day i got creative with some selective focus.

this isn't the best photo i've ever taken, but i love the whole perspective of it, not to mention that it totally captures a great memory of my son☺- that is one of the most well worn books we own!


Heidi said...

Absolutely perfect. I'm a fellow homeschooling mom of boys (3), and I, too, love photos of boys reading! I'm going to have to try this perspective. :)

Allison Lewis said...

There's lots of homeschoolers running around here...us too! I love photos that tell a story, and yours is perfect!

Chelsey said...

I love the perspective of this photo too! (and that it tells a story!)

kaTie said...

i love. love. love. this shot.

Jen said...

This is just a wonderful picture. I often find my 7 year old like this and you have inspired me to get it on film next time!

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