Wednesday, June 17, 2009

randomness on wednesday & the supernatural boy

it's a weird week around here.

my big boy is at summer camp.
some alone time & one on one time for me & the little boy.

got new sunglasses.
excellent fit.
looks good.
this is all it takes to make me happy.

finally put out the hummingbird feeder.
sorry little dudes. (redneck & greenback)
thanks for sticking around & enjoying the flowers anyway.

made cookies, of course.
still picking strawberries.
not real excited about the cruddy weather.


and the little boy... yes, i proudly claim him as mine.

this is typical behavior when i pick up the camera & say something like "hey, sit here...there's really good light...let me take some pictures of you" & this is the kind of thing i get.

the boys never care to see the lcd when i'm seriously photographing them, but when they're making weird or silly faces, they've got to see it now.

so he wanted to see this & says "ooh, mom, that's like that supernatural show" and i guess i have to kind of is.

but it's a good shot, right? ☺


and after all the silliness, he did let me get one decent shot of him...

oh...and because i'm sure someone's thinking, i don't let my 9 yr old watch "supernatural"!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Silly boy! Glad you're having a good week with him and hooray for new sunglasses! I've been wearing the same $10 pair from Old Navy for 3 years now. The faux tortoise shell paint is flaking off and nasty. :)

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