Wednesday, January 28, 2009

scrapbook much?

a little project that kept me busy right after christmas was making a baby album for my new little precious niece. 6 years ago i started making these albums for all the new ones in my family & they have been so much fun. this is my 7th album to date.

i love to scrapbook & these are such a fun, quick fix. it's so great to be able to put together a whole, complete album in a very short period of time, all it needs are the photos added by mom.

this particular album is an 8x8 "first year" album, complete with a page for each month from birth to the 1st birthday, including a calendar on the left side & photo page on the right. this way, mom can write on the calendar, journaling all the details of baby's first year. all she has to do is add 1 photo each month. that's it. super simple. and when baby's 1 year old, you have a complete album. they're just pure fun.

*some of my past work

hopefully, i'll get around to making one for each of my own boys! i've already got the albums, now all i need is a serious case of ambition.

*excuse the photos, they're not so nice


Shannan said...

What a fantastic idea! I've always liked the concept of scrapbooking, but I've hesitated because every scrapbooker I know tells me that they are X number of years behind...This seems very doable.

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