Monday, January 26, 2009

my new obsession

it all started back in november when i got it in my head (and couldn't get it out) that i really wanted a knit hat for winter. after searching around & looking a lot on etsy & all the stores i could find, i purchased a hat & decided "hey, i could knit one myself if i wanted to", because that's just how i naturally think.

so after spending a bit of time (ie: hours) searching the net for free instructions & patterns, i set out to start knitting like a pro. this is just what i do, i find something, i become obsessed & my husband realizes that yet again, he'll be going to bed without me.

so this is one of my first projects. a seed stitch (aka moss stitch) hat, found the free pattern on lion brand's website.

i made my own little alteration because i wanted a bit of ribbing around the bottom edge, otherwise i followed the pattern. i used lion brand yarn, lion 100% wool prints, colorway: ocean blues. i love the seed stitch, it's easy to learn & has such nice texture.

i also found a really great resource in the ravelry online community. i highly recommend it if you're interested in knitting/crocheting. it's a huge, addictive place to roam around.

there are also 2 great local yarn/knitting shops in the area. the first one is the shuttleshop in warsaw. kathy (the owner) is really great. also, there's ewe-nique knits in goshen. these are both great places to go and surround yourself with the wonderful yarn offerings there.

so if you're looking for something to keep your brain fresh & healthy, try taking up a new skill like knitting... i dare you!


Shannan said...

I tried knitting once. I never got past casting on...

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