Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas baking...down to the wire

this year we took a break from school this week to get ready for christmas.

we did all of our baking this week. i try to focus on favorites because there are just too many out there, and let's face it: i'm not as ambitious as i used to be☺

so we started out with the christmas's my very eager helper workin ever so hard ...

i love how they look all laid out here...i think they're pretty, just like this....

but then we have to bake them & they turn out like this... very "christmassy". yep, it's a word☺

then on to the mexican wedding cakes....i'm sure there are other people making these with another name for them, but that's what the recipe we had growing up calls them. i think there's a story behind it, but presently, i don't remember... (presently, i am lucky i remember tomorrow is christmas)

and then my other, not-so-eager, you're-gonna-help-because-i-said-so helper whips up the homemade oreo batter. i can actually walk away & let him do it himself... hey, that's kind of nice...☺ (see the chex in the background, there's party mix ...yummmmmy!)

aahhhh, there they are, all nice & finished. you haven't lived till you taste these guys. they'll make you forget about those store bought cookies. and no, they're not woopie pies....woopie pies got nothin on these little suckers. they are D-lectible!

and then there's the fudge. my love hate relationship with fudge. sometimes i can make it, sometimes i can't. i prefer to believe it's the fudge's fault, not mine☺ but this time it turned out. i'm not sure, but i believe fudge deserves it's own close-up, don't you think? this is my mom's recipe called "fantasy fudge" - it's the best!

and last but not least my babies.
my sugar cookies.

some years, these cookies are all the christmas baking i do....

because these babies can stand alone. they are extraordinary. my aunt gave me the recipe when i was a teenager and they have been a family favorite ever since.

whew...i'm ready for a vacation now!

along with the sweets, i've made a big yummy cheeseball & a big batch of party mix. we should be all settled in for the nasty weather of the next few days.

and if all goes well, i'll get a little more last minute christmas knitting done☺

merry christmas!


alphabet momma said...

Thank you for sharing your goodies with us!! They were the best sweets I've had Christmas! (Don't tell my mom.:) ) They look as pretty as they taste!

City Hen said...

Amazing!! Wish you could share some recipes... I love the Mexican wedding cakes have been making them a long time. The candy canes are ADORABLE and your boys are great helpers. Wish I had the Oreo recipe as we live in Poland and we have no Oreos here!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your goodies. Wish you the happiest New Year!

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