Sunday, December 14, 2008

do you know what i know?

traditions are something that we've made a point to set out & accomplish over the past several years & christmas is a perfect time to surround with tradition...

so while you're getting ready for christmas day, are you minding the little things along the way? one of the traditions we have is to get out the "christmas movies" to watch throughout the month.

a short list of the ones we watch are:

a christmas carol (we have the version with george c. scott cause that's my personal favorite)

elf (cause it's sooo funny, i love will farrell probably a bit more than i should)

home alone (this is a favorite of the boys')

white christmas (my all-time favorite that as of yet, the boys find sappy)

polar express

family man (if you haven't seen it, you should)

a charlie brown christmas (there's something about the dancing & when snoopy kisses lucy...we're all rollin'!)

the santa clause (tim allen is just plain good in it)

it's a wonderful life (we've yet to buy this one, but it's hard to miss it on network tv)


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